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Create a better city and regional space to achieve a sustainable future.

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RMIT RMIT graduates will be leaders in construction, construction and planning that value sustainable development and urban and regional growth needs.

More than half of the world's population lives in cities. As the degree of urbanization continues to increase, our environmental development is not just about building roads.

Today's urban development must be carefully planned to create a livable and sustainable space that meets the needs of social diversification and growth.

Our accredited programs enable students to gain the guidance of industry insiders to develop professionals in design, planning, styling, finance and management for the city space where we live and work. Students will also receive valuable internship opportunities to enhance their learning through the employment experience and lay a solid foundation for future career development.

Field of study

• Construction and trade

• Construction and project management

• Environment and planning

• Landscape Architecture

• Property evaluation

• Sustainable practices

• City design

• Workplace health and safety


Ranked 36th in the world in building environment


Employer Choice Program: RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has more than 250 industry channels, providing a wealth of industry resources for students in construction management, project management, and real estate and valuation.


We have established study tours and exchange programs with more than 150 partners in 41 countries and territories around the world.



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